Laboratory of
Cognition & Emotion

About Us

     We employ behavioral and functional MRI methods to study interactions between cognition and emotion/motivation. Our view is that brain systems are highly interactive and that modular approaches to understanding the mind-brain are fundamentally problematic. This view was recently outlined in a book by MIT Press (see here).

     An additional focus of our research centers on the development of statistical and computational tools for the analysis of functional MRI data to allow a rigorous mapping between brain and behavior.

Additional Info

At this point, students with a standard psychology or neuroscience background are not well aligned with the research focus of the lab. Instead, we are now expanding the computational side of the lab and are actively recruiting:

Undergraduates interested in applying advanced machine learning and other engineering methods to functional MRI data analysis;
Graduate students that are strong in computational, engineering, and/or CS methods and wish to develop new methods of data analysis;
Post-docs with prior experiences in the above formal methods, and wishing to apply them to understanding large-scale dynamic interactions between emotion/motivation and cognition in the brain.
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